My Hero Academia Fans Shouldn't Be Worried About Izuku's Mom Right Now

My Hero Academia fans have gotten themselves worked up over something that they probably shouldn't be. My Hero Academia manga chapter 282 ended with the tease that the League of Villains' hulking monster Gigantomachia is about to annihilate a major metropolitan city. A lot of fans seemed to think that Izuku Midoriya's mother was in the pathway of oncoming destruction - and could be the next big victim of this Paranormal Liberation War, which has already claimed some big victims in both the hero and villain camps. However, many other My Hero Academia fans are pointing out this is all much ado about nothing...

Warning: My Hero Academia Manga SPOILERS Follow!

The final panel of My Hero Academia manga chapter 282 shows Gigantomachia rushing towards the metropolitan area of Jaku City. The hero and villain armies have made their initial clash in the mountain area of Jaku Hospital, where One For All's disciple Dr. Ujiko hid his secret lab. However, after Tomura Shigaraki broke loose and annihilated the Jaku Hospital site, Gigantomachia has been rushing to be at his master's side.

Gigantomachia's path of impending destruction is residential homes and commercial businesses - one of which had a familiar-looking bike sitting outside of it. That's a pretty flimsy detail to support a major theory like Izuku's mom dying, but it was enough to have some fans freaking out.

As a lot of My Hero Academia fans are pointing out, Inko Midoriya, Izuku's mother, resides in Mustafu City, where U.A. School and most of My Hero Academia's main story is set. That's a different (fictional) region of Japan than Jaku City where the war arc is unfolding, so Inko is most likely not in danger.


The caveat here is that My Hero Academia has a history of doing "Meanwhile..." side-story reveals. While one main storyline like a battle plays out, series creator Kohei Horikoshi then moves the view to a different place or time, to explain how other characters found their way into the battle or handled other related situations. So, unless there's some big reason for Inko to have traveled to Jaku City that day, we can pretty much assume that she's safe.

My Hero Academia is in production on season 5 of the anime. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.