My Hero Academia Went Hard with Shigaraki's Raid Rematch Against Izuku

My Hero Academia knows how to throw down a good fight. All Might turned the skill into art when he took down All For One several arcs ago. The series has gone on to showcase other all-star fights featuring Izuku, Aizawa, and a slew of others. But these days, the manga is focused on Shigaraki's massive power boost. The manga dove into the fight this week with a new chapter, and it let Izuku go all out against his nemesis after the death of Gran Torino.

If you had read chapter 282, you will know how intense the battle gets between Shigaraki and Izuku. In the previous chapter, the death of Gran Torino made Izuku angry enough that he could tap into his Black Whip with ease. He used the Quirk to keep ahold on Shigaraki so that Endeavor could toast him, but the baddie dug deep for even more power afterward.

In this latest My Hero Academia chapter, Izuku takes his power even further. Not only does the boy use a 100% Wyoming Smash, but he does so using his left arm to ensure it is fully powered. After all, his right arm is a bit weaker after fighting Muscular back in the day, and Izuku wasn't laid out by this mighty punch. And what does Shigaraki do? He catches the punch in his mouth before landing a vicious bite on Izuku.

Talk about ouch. Seriously.

After Izuku realizes Shigaraki has shot Aizawa with a deleter round, things get even more intense. It feels to Izuku to nab Shigaraki with his Black Whips despite the shockwave surrounding him. He grabs the villain in enough time to throw him off course from Aizawa. Izuku uses this time to move Aizawa, Manual, and Rock Lock somewhere safer. This rescue happens after Izuku lands another devastating punch on Shigaraki for good measure, so you can see how powerful Izuku has become.


All of these moves are coming from a boy who couldn't even flick his finger using One For All without breaking it. Rage and fear have been an impressive motivator for the boy, but the question remains whether or not the heroes can force Shigaraki into a retreat right now.

Do you think Class 1 is going to make it out of this arc in one piece? Or will some of the students be forced to opt-out of UA Academy? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.