My Hero Academia Creator Ribs Pokemon Go in New Author's Note

My Hero Academia's creator is dealing with some intense stuff in the series, but the artist is not letting the Villains vs Heroes War get to him. To keep things light in his daily life, Kohei Horikoshi has found outlets to plug into when Izuku needs a break. As it turns out, Pokemon Go has become that outlet for the artist, and Horikoshi is invested to say the least. A brand-new author's note from the artist included a shout out to Pokemon Go, but Horikoshi made sure to slip a small complaint into the message for Ninantic.

As detailed in Viz Media's official round up of comments from the various Shonen Jump authors, Horikoshi ended up catching a Landorus in Pokemon Go this time around. But apparently, there was a catch to the catch. As Horikoshi states, "I got Landorus as a reward, and he sucked away like 20 berries. How is this a reward?"

Horikoshi might be unfolding some intense events in My Hero Academia, but it's great that the creator can still find time to unwind and relax with something not related to his work. Pokemon Go recently made it easier to play the game remotely due to the effects of the novel coronavirus, and the creator seems to be taking full advantage of this.

pokemon go my hero academia

As for the war unfolding in the manga itself, there are several major character deaths being teased. The next chapter of the manga will be hitting two weeks from now, so fans are sitting on quite the cliffhanger for the next chapter of this major war. With the series' heroes and villains occupied, they unfortunately won't have time for distractions like this.


Pokemon Go debuted to a huge wave of popularity when it was first introduced years ago, and in the years since has only gotten even more fruitful. With all of its big additions like the Legendary Landorus, it's no mystery as to why Horikoshi is one of the many players still keeping up with their collections after all this time!

Are you playing Pokemon Go like My Hero Academia series creator Kohei Horikoshi? Have you caught a Landorus for yourself? What are some of your favorite catches in the mobile game so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!

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