My Hero Academia Seeks Out Unexpected Teachers for Izuku's Blackwhip Training

As the Paranormal Liberation War continues to deal heavy casualties to both the heroes and [...]

As the Paranormal Liberation War continues to deal heavy casualties to both the heroes and villains of My Hero Academia, Izuku was apparently prepping long before the insane battle began and found some "outside of the box" teachers in his bid to master one of the powers of One For All in Black Whip! With more powers being introduced at Midoriya's disposal, it's clear that the extra training that he underwent as a part of UA Academy's Class 1-A has come in handy as he struggles against the insane power of a new Shigaraki who has inherited the full force of All For One!

Warning! If you have yet to catch up on the latest manga chapter of My Hero Academia, Chapter 284, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into spoiler territory!

As Izuku struggles against Shigaraki, we see Midoriya unleash the power of Black Whip, the energy tendrils that he can use for both offensive and defensive purposes, which he inherited as a part of the Quirk of One For All! As Deku was anticipating that he would need the power of Black Whip for future battles, he began training with Ochaco, Froppy, and Sero. In choosing these students, Deku is hoping to incorporate the power of Black Whip with "Float", which at this point in the flashback, he had yet to attain.

My Hero Academia
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Midoriya still apparently has several powers that we have yet to truly see revealed at this point, and it's clear that he's going to need all the power that he can get as he is currently in his life or death battle with Shigaraki. In training with these three students at UA Academy, Deku begins getting a better grasp on not just utilizing Black Whip, but also in how to use it when he is in the air, thanks in part to Uravity's gravity manipulating powers.

The chapter was also important not just thanks to these new abilities that Deku has displayed, but the quiet conversation between Bakugo and All Might wherein the two discussed Izuku's powers and his character, with both agreeing that they'll need to do everything they can to protect him in the coming days!

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