My Hero Academia Gets Emotional With Pivotal Bakugo and All Might Scene

My Hero Academia is currently rampaging through the Paranormal Liberation War, pitting the heroes against the villains in a battle that might change the course of history for the franchise's story moving forward, and a quick flashback shows us one of the most emotional meetings between All Might and Bakugo to date! With Bakugo discovering the secret of Deku's relationship with the Quirk of One For All, the former bully of Midoriya has found himself working alongside the potential future "Symbol of Peace" who is currently in a life or death battle with the leader of the League of Villains in Shigaraki!

Warning! If you have yet to dive into the latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga, Chapter 284, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into serious spoiler territory!

During the flashback scene, inter cut between the beats of the battle between Shigaraki and Deku, we see Midoriya learning how to master one of his new powers in the form of "Float", the Quirk of All Might's mentor in Nana Shimura. With Bakugo noticing alongside All Might, the hot tempered hero begins to wonder just how long they can keep Deku's inheriting of One For All a secret when all is said and done. All Might then is questioned about the previous inheritors of the all powerful Quirk, with the fourth being of particular interest of Bakugo considering there was little information revealed about them.

MHA Bakugo
(Photo: Viz Media)

As the pair talk in detail, All Might makes note of the fact that though Bakugo once bullied Deku mercilessly, he has come to really care about Midoriya and is trying to make sure that the young powerhouse does not get himself killed during his heroic goal of becoming one of the world's best super heroes. As Bakugo notes in the discussion, Deku has a serious problem in taking into account his own well being, throwing himself into battles with little regard for his own life and proving just how much the exploding hero does care for his friend.


As we return to the present, we witness Bakugo pleading with Endeavor to make his next hit "count" as Midoriya unleashes a giant blow against Shigaraki as the chapter comes to a close. With so many heroes and villains having already been counted as casualites during this war arc, we're definitely crossing our fingers that Bakugo will make it out alive!

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