My Hero Academia Reunites All For One and One For All in Tense Showdown

My Hero Academia is in the middle of an epic war between heroes and villains, but the main event is now taking place on a different battlefield. (Spoilers) In My Hero Academia's latest manga chapter, young rivals Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki have locked in a frightening battle with the two ultimate powers of the series: the benevolent One For All, and the vampiric All for One. However, that climactic battle has taken a big twist into the mental/spiritual realm of One For All, as the original users of both OFA and AFO have once again surfaced through their young vessels to battle once again!

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As stated, the fierce ultimate battle between Izuku Midoriya and Tomrua Shigraki resulted in their respective One For All and All for One powers growing exponentially more powerful. However, the savage exhibition of power is also doing massive damage to both Deku and Shigaraki's bodies. With both boys teetering on the brink, their consciousnesses are taken over by the original holders of the powers, and those two warring brothers hold nothing back!

All For One's goal is simple: he wants to leech away OFA from Deku, and finally sate the years of hunger he had for the power. What results is a tense battle of wills: All For One uses Shigaraki's power to boost his own, while Shigaraki's grandmother Nana Shimura appears to protect Izuku. When Nana isn't enough, One For All's original user shows up to help hold the line against his brother. As it turns out, within the realm of OFA, it's the previous wielders that still hold the most power, and ultimately the original user and Nana Shimura are able to repel All For One from stealing One For All.

My Hero Academia Manga 287 Spoilers OFA vs All For One
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This is an interesting moment in My Hero Academia. It was assumed that All For One merly needed to get his hand on OFA before a user passed it on; but now it's not that simple. This chapter confirmed that there are living consciousnesses of previous users packed into OFA, and those "ghosts" have the power to choose to reject All For One, as well as fully embracing and empowering Izuku Midoriya. What kinds of new powers (and new consciousnesses) Deku will discover inside OFA is now a very exciting prospect.

My Hero Academia is in production on season 5 of the anime. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.