My Hero Academia Introduces the Fourth One For All User

My Hero Academia fans had no idea how involved One For All would become when they were introduced [...]

My Hero Academia fans had no idea how involved One For All would become when they were introduced to the quirk, but that is what happened. The series has expanded the power to surprising heights as all-new details have come to light about the quirk. Not long ago, fans were taken aback when they learned the former users of One For All are kept within the quirk, and Izuku was introduced to its fourth user at long last.

The update comes from My Hero Academia chapter 304 as it debuted this week. The big reveal went forward at the start as Izuku was met by Hikage Shinomori. The man is the fourth person who wielded One For All, and his life was not what we thought.

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Much of the fourth user's life has been kept in secret, and All Might even rubbed fans wrong when he tried to keep his cause of death from Izuku. Now, fans have learned Hikage died from a very strange source. It turns out the man died at the age of 40 from natural causes, and that is what convinced All Might his theory about One For All was right.

It turns out the quirk functions best when it is put within a vessel with no inherent quirk to jostle it. For Hikage, his dual quirk took a toll on his body, and he began to fall ill in his late 30s. By the time he turned 40, Hikage was on death's door, and his fate is what educated All Might on something important. Only those who have no quirks best suit One For All, and that is why All Might has been able to wield his power for so long.

Now, Izuku has become the perfect vessel for One For All, and it falls to him to perfect it. After all, Shigaraki is feeling more powerful than ever before, and Izuku's quirk is the only thing that can stop the villain before he upturns the entire world. So for now, My Hero Academia fans can expect things to only get wilder for Izuku from here on out.

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