My Hero Academia Season 5 TV Spot Features Bakugo

My Hero Academia's fifth season is scheduled to arrive on March 27th, giving us storylines that will feature the young heroes of Class 1-A being pitted against their rivals in the class of 1-B beneath their own, and the franchise has released a brand new television spot focused on the explosive hero Bakugo. With the next installments of the series giving Bakugo plenty to do in the Shonen franchise's fifth season, you can definitely expect some big moments for the hot-tempered hero as well as his fellow students at UA Academy trying to become professional crime fighters.

Bakugo has come a long way since his introduction in the first episode of My Hero Academia, acting as a bully to the young Midoriya long before Deku received his Quirk of One For All from All Might. Being inducted into UA Academy, Bakugo has been able to prove the power of his Quirk time and time again, going so far as to even win the Culture Sports Festival, defeating his fellow students like Shoto Todoroki and Ochaco in one on one combat. Though Bakugo has mellowed out just a tad in the anime, we've seen some big developments for the character in the manga, with the fifth season sure to have plenty in store for fans of the exploding hero.

Twitter User Atusushi 101 shared this new television spot that has Bakugo narrating the upcoming events of the fifth season of My Hero Academia, showing off this insane new training exercise that will have the students of UA Academy facing off against one another:

The battle between classes at UA Academy isn't going to be the only big storyline of the series, with many believing that a major story arc that will be followed is Shigaraki pitted against the villain known as Re-Destro as the League of Villains is set to return in a major way. On top of this, we'll see Endeavor struggling with his new statue as the Number One Hero, as he finds himself facing off against the mysterious flame-wielding villain known as Dabi. Needless to say, the fifth season will be one of the biggest of My Hero Academia's anime to date.

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