My Hero Academia Drops Ominous Foreshadow About Endeavor

My Hero Academia fans know how dangerous the series' villains are, and the Pro Heroes can only hope to cut them off at the legs before things get out of hand. Of course, the League of Villains are smart enough to evade capture. As the group grows stronger, fans have been left to wonder whether the new No. 1 Hero can stop them, and it seems like things may not be so simple for Endeavor.

Thanks to a new chapter, fans were left in on an ominous teaser for the Pro Hero. My Hero Academia went live with chapter 244, and it was there fans met up with Endeavor on a mission. With Shoto and others under his watch as mentees, Endeavor take the trio on a mission, but it ends with a baddie sharing a bad prediction for the Pro Hero.

After catching a villain with Glass Manipulation powers, Starservant gives a final word before being booked. Looking over to Endeavor, the villain says this about the high-ranked hero after sharing a slew of other predictions.

"That one is the root cause!! His shining light beckons the dark! It precipitates our demise," Starservant says.

The blink-and-miss moment is easy to pass over, but fans have quickly pulled out the dialogue after a few rereads. After all, creator Kohei Horikoshi is not one to pass up some good foreshadowing, and this quote bodes poorly for Endeavor. The Pro Hero has been struggling to gain footing since taking the top spot from All Might, and a recent fight with a Nomu knocked the Flame Hero down a peg. Now, this little-known baddie claims to foresee dark things for Endeavor in the future, and fans are pretty sure they'll come to pass before long.


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My Hero Academia was created by Kohei Horikoshi and has been running in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump since July 2014. The story follows Izuku Midoriya, who lives in a world where everyone has powers, even though he was born without them. Dreaming to become a superhero anyway, he's eventually scouted by the world's best hero All Might and enrolls in a school for professional heroes. The series has been licensed by Viz Media for an English language release since 2015. My Hero Academia is gearing up for an even bigger end of 2019 with both a fourth season of the anime and second big anime film too.