My Hero Academia Reveals the History Behind Hawks' Family

My Hero Academia knows a thing or two about dark childhoods. Over the years, characters from Shoto to Izuku grew up with their wings clipped to a degree. Nowadays, it is Hawks who is suffering the most from his abused past, and much of his trauma came straight from his parents. And now, My Hero Academia has broken down the history of Hawks' broken family.

The information came in the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia. The release began with a look at Hawks as a child, and his past is as dark as we feared. The poor boy grew up with an abusive father on the lam, and his mother neglected him at the very least.

my hero academia hawks
(Photo: Bones Inc)

It turns out Hawks was born under toxic circumstances as well. Hawks' father was wanted when the boy was conceived. He had killed a man over pocket change, and Hawks' mother offered him refuge. During their lockdown, one thing led to another, and Hawks said he was born during that time.

Ever since he was born, Hawks only knew fear as his family stayed on the run. His mother's quirk allowed her to keep an eye on their perimeter. Still, Hawks' father was a surly kind of man. He was paranoid his son would rat him out if given the chance, so Hawks was kept locked down tight. This also made Hawks the perfect target to his dad to abuse both emotionally and physically. Hawks' mom was not excused from such torment, but it appears Hawks bore the brunt of it.


That is, until his father tried to run away only to run into Endeavor instead. Hawks and his mother were forced to flee as she was afraid of being charged with abetting a fugitive. Tomei even encouraged her son to steal while they were homeless in order to survive. It was only after Hawks was caught saving civilians during an accident that pro heroes learned of his impressive power. Shortly after, Hawks was separated from his mom under the condition she surrendered rights to her son. Doing so gave Tomei a new start at life with money in hand, so she didn't hesitate to abandon her son. That is how Hawks grew up in the care of the Hero Commission, and well - he became a tool to them before long.

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