My Hero Academia Wows with Miruko Throwdown

The great thing about My Hero Academia is that there is no shortage of new characters that jump out and grab fan attention as the series progresses - quite literally, in the case of Rumi Usagiyama, aka Rabbit Hero: Miruko! The rabbit-powered heroine made it onto My Hero Academia fans' Best Girl lists after just a few cameo appearances - but now she's getting her time to shine in the current "Meta Liberation War" arc. As the coalition of Pro Heroes and Cops storm the stronghold of All For One's right-hand-man, Dr. Ujiko, it's Miruko he's leading the charge to bring the evil doctor down - and fans are loving it!

Warning! My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 261 SPOILERS Follow!

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia picks up with Mirko kicking in the wall to Dr. Ujiko's lab, after the heroes discover that the evil scientist has been using doubles of himself, in order to continue his research to boost the powers of the League of Villains. When Miruko comes crashing in, she does so looking to kick the "Old Fart's" ass - and needless to say Dr. Ujiko is scared out of his mind. Unfortunately, Miruko's entrance also takes out some of Ujiko's favorite Nomu beasts, while the doctor's fear inspires one of his smaller creations to run interference long enough for Ujiko to unleash his most lethal creations: his High-End Nomu.

Not only are the High-End Nomu much more intelligent (verbal even), they also come equipped with powerful combinations of quirks including rapid hyper-regeneration. After being ambushed by the new Nomu, Mirko gets smashed into a wall pretty hard - but as the manga chapter ends, she reappears bloodied but not at all broken, boasting that the fight with Ujiko and the Nomu is just heating up.


As stated, Rabbit Hero Mirko has been a fan-fave since her first cameo appearances in My Hero Academia, thanks to the combination of her badass disposition and rabbit-themed hero persona (with all its obvious Playboy undertones). Thankfully, Hirokoshi is now filling in some really impressive actual character for Miruko that makes her all the more deserving of that "Best Girl" worship. It's going to be epic to see her cut loose and kick some Nomu to the curb next issue!

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