My Hero Academia Shares Dabi's Secret Hand in Endeavor's Recent Rise

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga finally gave us the big reveal with regards to the true identity of Dabi, which will have big ramifications for UA Academy and the world of the super heroes, but it seems as if the League of Villain's member had far more up his sleeve than simply the revelation of his true name! With Endeavor and Shoto reeling from the revelation, it's clear that the current number one hero and his son are going to have the biggest battle on their hands before we see the ending of the Paranormal Liberation War Arc!

Warning! If you have yet to catch up on the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, and don't want Dabi's identity spoiled, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into spoiler territory!

Dabi wasn't simply revealed to be the lost son of Endeavor, and brother to Shoto Todoroki, he was also revealed to have a big hand in the career of his father, placing obstacles in his way to overcome. A number of villains such as The Ending, Hood, and Star Servant were sent at Endeavor in order to build up his status as the current number one hero, all for the purpose of raising his status that much higher for Toya to bring down. With Endeavor revealing his identity to his family, as well as the world at large via a pre-recorded broadcast, it seems that the sins of the past have caught up with the number one hero, who has a lot to answer for his abusive past when it comes to training his family.

Twitter User CDCCubed broke down the moment that Dabi revealed to his father that he had thrown a number of villains his way in order to cement his role as the current number one hero, only for him to break it down in one perfect moment during this War Arc:


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