My Hero Academia Shares Dabi's Strange Reaction to SPOILER'S Death

My Hero Academia fans know the League of Villains real well at this point, and they have dreaded a death in the family all this time. The gang did not act well when they were cut up during the Overhaul arc, but the loss of its most remember member stung something awful. The manga confirmed a chapter or so ago that Twice has died in battle, but Dabi's reaction to the death has got fans feeling surprised.

This week, My Hero Academia fans learned more about Twice and his death's impact when chapter 267 went live. The update followed Dabi as he reacted to Twice's death at the hands of Hawks. The Pro Hero was battered by flames again and again because of Dabi's rage, but Hawks was stunned by the look on the villain's face.

"Is that the face of a man who's just watched a friend die," Hawks asks aloud, seeing Dabi smiling above him. The baddie looks manic thanks to his vicious grin, and steam can be seen coming from his skin. The sight is truly horrifying to take in, and Hawks wants to know why Dabi looks more so gleeful than grieved.

"Hey, now!!! That was rude! I haven't cried since my tear ducts all got burned," Dabi tells Hawks. "With Twice around, my dream had a way better chance of coming true! So of course I'm sad he's gone!"

As you can see, Dabi would not be able to cry if he wanted to, but the word is out on whether he would if he could. Dabi made it clear that Twice was more of a tool for him than anything else. The villains might have been comrades, but Dabi's take on friendship appears to be more utilitarian than anything else. Twice most certainly saw Dabi in a different light, and Hawks just wasn't ready to see how twisted the League of Villains' inner workings really were.

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