My Hero Academia: Ochako Actress Pitches All-Female Story Arc

It is time My Hero Academia got an all-female team of Pro Heroes. While fans are satisfied with the arcs the series has explored, there is plenty of room for expansion. My Hero Academia has dozens of arcs under its belt at this point, and it has many more to go before Izuku becomes the world's greatest hero. Of course, creator Kohei Horikoshi might need some help crafting those future arcs, and there are plenty of people willing to pitch their own stories. In fact, one of them happens to be the actress behind Ochako Uraraka, and she is the one championing an all-female team for a future story arc.

Recently, was able to speak with Luci Christian ahead of the L.A. premiere of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. It was there the dub star pitched her own movie idea for the anime, and she hopes to see a film centered around an all-female team of Pro Heroes.

"I think that the third film should be that the villain has somehow incapacitated all of the male heroes, and the female heroes have to rescue them," Christian said.

Of course, you can almost imagine how this shtick would go down. In a world of Pro Heroes, it would be hard to incapacitate all the guys given their wide range of vulnerabilities. The things which would take out Bakugo may not affect Kaminari in the slightest, but a team of villains could do the trick. If any succubi were interested in taking down the men of UA Academy, there is no doubt the school's heroines would save the day.

So far, there are no plans in place for a third film, but My Hero Academia only has room to grow. With its fourth season tackling a new arc these days, Class 1-A has plenty to do, and their current work will only make Ochako better suited to join an all-female Pro Hero squad should the chance arise. You know Midnight will be looking to recruit members when the time comes, but Ochako will have to ace her entry should she want to save Izuku.


Of course, the concept of an all-female team is nothing new for superhero fans. In the past, Marvel and DC Comics have introduced their own groups from the A-Force to the Birds of Prey. In fact, Hollywood welcomed the latter to the big screen recently with Harley Quinn's latest movie. It is no secret that female superheroes wow, and Christian is right in saying its time Class 1-A gave more of a spotlight to its heroines. From Jiro to Tsuyu, the Hero Course has some impressive heroines, and it only make sense to show them off.

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