My Hero Academia Cosplay Highlights Mt. Lady's Takeover With Season 6

My Hero Academia is finally in the thick of the sixth season of the anime, and one awesome cosplay is shedding light on how much attention Mt. Lady has been getting in the new episodes so far! Although she was one of the very first pro heroes we met in the series overall (and saw in action), Mt. Lady herself has rarely been in the middle of the series' biggest moments. She has contributed to many of the heroes' efforts, and has served as a mentor for Class 1-A's students, but Season 6 is the first real time we have seen her take the center stage in a fight.

As the Paranormal Liberation Front War arc from Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series continues to unfold with the sixth season, Mt. Lady will get even more focus as she will get into her main fight for the war effort. So while she's already gotten some big moments so far, the giant hero is only going to get bigger. It's this awesomeness that artist @foxyscreamqueen has brought to life on Instagram with a highlight of Mt. Lady's towering form over the other heroes! Check it out: 

How to Watch My Hero Academia's Season 6 Episodes

My Hero Academia is now airing its newest episodes in Japan, but thankfully Crunchyroll is also streaming these new releases as they hit overseas. The new season is only a few episodes into its run (and therefore only a few episodes into its war), so that means there is still plenty of time to catch up with either the English subtitled or English dubbed release of the new season. You can also find the previous five seasons of the anime streaming with Crunchyroll as well. 

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The new season has been tearing through the war, and if you actually wanted to read ahead with new chapters of the manga releasing each week with Viz Media's digital Shonen Jump library. Beware, however, as the manga has gone long after this war as is now in the middle of a totally different chaotic battle. Either medium you choose, there's a lot to enjoy from My Hero Academia right now. 

How are you liking Mt. Lady in My Hero Academia's new season so far? Let us know all of your thoughtd about it in the comments!