My Hero Academia Season 6 Names Toga the MVP After Newest Episode

My Hero Academia's sixth season has been intense for both the heroes and villains so far, and the series has awarded Himiko Toga the MVP title after her big decision in the newest episode! The sixth season kicked off with a huge raid on the Paranormal Liberation Front's forces as the heroes tried to stop the villains' plans as soon as they possibly could, but all the while Hawks had a secret mission of his own on top of it. His main goal in the raid was to take Twice out of the equation, and Toga's still hurting quite a bit as a result.

Following Twice's death at the hands of Hawks when the fight against the heroes and villains first began, Toga was shaken beyond her usual demeanor as she lost a good friend through this action. As the newest episode points out, this has made her question the overall nature of heroes as a result and thus she has begun to question her own hero worship for the likes of Ochaco Uraraka and Izuku Midoriya. This all leads into her big decision in the episode itself: 

What Happens to Toga in My Hero Academia Episode 123? 

Episode 123 of My Hero Academia sees the League of Villains members prepare for their next stage of the fight as Gigantomachia quickly approaches Tomura Shigaraki's side on the battlefield. Dabi's coming up with his own plan, but Toga has some ideas of her own. Following Twice's death she has continued to question what heroes actually are in their world, and whether or not killing someone like her friend is something a hero does. Then she decides to find out for herself. 

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When she discovers that Tsuyu Asui and Ochaco were close, Toga decides to jump from Gigantomachia's back and confront them directly about how the two of them feel about the overall role of heroes. Spinner gives her one final pep talk to show how close the League of Villains has become as a group (and to emphasize how Twice's death has had an impact on all of them), and now Toga's out to figure out her own feelings about everything. 


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