My Hero Academia Season 6 Finally Unleashes Deku's Rage Form: Watch

My Hero Academia's sixth season has reached the climax of the big fight between the heroes and Tomura Shigaraki, and the newest episode of the series has briefly unleashed Izuku Midoriya's rage filled One For All transformation! As the sixth season gets closer to the end of the first major arc of its run for the Fall 2022 anime schedule, Deku has found himself directly fighting against Shigaraki as the villain continues to display all kinds of terrible powers. Making matters worse is the fact that All For One seems to be taking over his body now too.

The previous episodes of the sixth season have made things much more dangerous for Deku as his One For All is the only thing that can keep up with Shigaraki's abilities, but it's also the one thing that the villain wants the most. This came to a head in the previous episode as Katsuki Bakugo took a lethal blow in order to protect him and keep the villain from taking his power, but seeing this, Deku is no longer able to keep a full control over his emotions. Resulting in a cool new look as his anger takes over. 

How Does Deku Unleash Rage Mode in My Hero Academia

It's been previously teased that Deku's use of One For All would take shape around whatever anger he could have, and fans get to see that go down in Episode 123. It's only for a brief moment, but when he sees the bloodied Bakugo and hear All For One (within Shigaraki's body) begin to note how "unnecessary" the bloodshed was, Deku loses it. His Blackwhip begins to wrap around his face and change it. 

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Quite literally blinded by rage, Deku gets enough strength and speed to dodge around All For One's tendrils. But at the same time, he's so clouded by his anger that he quite literally falls into All For One's grasp as a result of this rage form. It's clear that his anger could indeed close the gap of power, but at the same time it's a form where Deku makes the biggest of mistakes. 

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