My Hero Academia's New Opening And Ending Arrives Online

My Hero Academia will routinely create new opening and ending themes for the anime adaptation's respective seasons, and considering how big the sixth season is when it comes to Class 1-A's heroes, it's no surprise to see some bangers hitting the internet. With the Paranormal Liberation War seeing heroes young and old assembling en masse in a bid to stop Shigaraki and his allies numbering over one hundred thousand strong, this will be a season to remember over the anime adaptation's history.    

The opening for My Hero Academia Season Six is the song, "Hitamuki" by the Japanese band "Super Beaver", with the opener not just giving us a hint as to some of the upcoming major moments that will transpire in these new episodes, but also giving us an idea of the current status of the heroes and villains alike:

The ending theme for My Hero Academia's latest season is "Sketch" by singer Kiyo Akiyama, with the song being a much more reserved affair than the flashy opening that feels like an homage to comic books, which creator Kohei Horikoshi has routinely shared his love for throughout his Shonen series' history:

While the young heroes attending UA Academy have been drafted into this fight against the forces of Shigaraki, the League of Villains, and the Meta Liberation Army, plenty of professional heroes will also get the spotlight this time around, with Mirko and Hawks being stand-outs. While Hawks was seen in this first season six episode continuing to work undercover, the rabbit hero Mirko was front and center, darting through Garaki's unending army of Nomu. 

The anime is fresh into the Paranormal Liberation War, but the manga has moved far past this confrontation and is now focusing on the Final Arc, as the last chapters of the manga once again see the Class 1-A heroes giving it their all in an effort to save Hero Society from crumbling beneath the feet of the villains. 


What is your favorite opening and ending for My Hero Academia's anime adaptation so far? What did you think of the premiere for the anime's sixth season? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy.