My Hero Academia Celebrates A Late Easter With Toga Bunny Cosplay

Of all the villains that have appeared in My Hero Academia, perhaps none have become a bigger fan favorite than the blood stealing villainess known as Toga, as is demonstrated in this Cosplay that gives us a take on the young antagonist wearing a variation of Midoriya's hero outfit. Since the two first met, Toga has held a disturbing crush on Midoriya, shouting with glee each time that they come into contact, with the most recent instance being in the anime's fourth season as a part of the Overhaul arc!

In both the anime and the manga, Toga has been an instrumental member of the League of Villains, originally joining in order to help spread the message of Stain. Stain, the "hero killer" of the second season of the anime, touted a message that heroes should not be heroes for fame and glory, but simply to assist the world and personify "true heroes". His message however acted as a rallying cry to many villains and bolstered the numbers of the League of Villains overall. As it stands in the manga, the League now has more members than ever before, kicking off a war that may prove the end of the heroes' dominance!

Instagram Cosplayer Kiramy Drawings shared their impressive cosplay that merges Midoriya's hero suit, which looks shockingly like a rabbit when it is fully worn by Deku, and Toga of the League of VIllains who has long harbored a crush on the protagonist of My Hero Academia:

Midoriya's full hero costume hasn't appeared that often in the popular anime franchise, with many seeing his mask that attempts to mimic All Might's smile as disturbing and the "ears" on top resembling that of a rabbit's. Needless to say, Deku's outfit is mostly worn without a mask, as secret identities don't seem to be that much of an issue in this anime universe.

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