'My Hero Academia's Coolest Fight Just Got A Funko POP

Funko loves My Hero Academia, and the toy giant just revealed a new Todoroki POP that brings one [...]

Funko loves My Hero Academia, and the toy giant just revealed a new Todoroki POP that brings one of the coolest looking fights to POP life.

Funko went all out with this one, giving Todoroki almost translucent effects to his pyrokinesis and cryokinesis Quirk, abilities he used in impressive fashion against Deku in season 2's crazy battle. On his left side, there is fire rising from his hair, as well as fire effects on his arm, torso, and leg, while ice can be seen on his lower face, right arm, and right leg, as well as around his boot.

Funko POPs have come a long way since the more simplistic designs of their early days, and this just might be one of their most impressive to date.

(Photo: Funko)

If you want to complete this battle you're in luck, as there's a training Deku also featured in the wave, and he's even holding his arm and lifting his finger forward like in the show, bracing for impact and utilizing a small amount of All Might's power. During the battle, he manages to knock Todoroki back and reflect his attacks, despite an ice-filled onslaught from Todoroki. That causes him to shift gears to pyrokinesis, and the ensuring conflict just about obliterates the arena.

So yeah, this is pretty sweet, and grabbing both POPs will allow you to recreate it, without all the property damage that comes with...you know, acting out the battle yourself.

The new wave also features the Funko debut of Aizawa. There's also another All Might to grab, but this version depicts the character in his weakened state. Tsuyu is just as adorable in POP form as she is on the show, and rounding out the wave is a Hot Topic exclusive Aizawa sporting his Hero Costume. Trust us, you'll definitely want to hunt it down.

You can check out the complete new wave of My Hero Academia POPs here.

For those not familiar with My Hero Academia, the series was created by Kohei Horikoshi in 2014 and has run in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump since July of that year. It follows the adventures of Izuku Midoriya, who in a world full of people with powers was born without one. In this world, those powers are called quirks, and life without one can be difficult, but that all changes after a fateful meeting with the biggest hero of them all All Might, and it seems his quest to become a hero might just happen after all.

Fans of the show can also look forward to a new movie, the first for My Hero Academia. My Hero Academia: The Movie - The Two Heroes will cover a brand new story not seen in the manga, and will even feature some glimpses of All Mighty in his prime. Fans can see My Hero Academia: The Movie - The Two Heroes in theaters on August 3.

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