My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Unleashes Pop Step's Evil Side

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is now knee deep into its final arc, and this arc has seen Koichi and [...]

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is now knee deep into its final arc, and this arc has seen Koichi and Kazuho make sense of their lives outside of their vigilante work as The Crawler and Pop Step. This has also resulted in the two of them re-evaluating their relationship to one another as Kazuho has been dealing with the fact that Koichi is planning to retire and move on with his adult life. This means she's been confronting her feelings for him directly, but that hit a huge brick wall when she was kidnapped by Number 6.

The last chapter of the series saw Kazuho re-emerge from her kidnapping with a sultry new makeover, and a villainous new persona. It had seemed like Kazuho was possessed by Queen Bee, who Koichi and the others had fought before, and now the latest chapter of the series sees how the "new" Pop Step has taken over to cause all sorts of damage.

Chapter 73 of the series essentially confirms this is the case as "Pop Step" begins making all sorts of bee puns. If this weren't enough, she continues to use the explosive insects that Queen Bee had used before. But now that she's possessed Pop Step's body, she has access to her bouncy abilities. Queen Bee continues to play into her new persona by putting on a performance much like Pop Step used to do.

With these new powers and a performance bringing all sorts of eyes to her antics, Queen Bee is using Pop Step's body and name to create a whole new evil persona. She continues to use her explosive insects to cause a ton of destruction, and even gets Koichi mixed up in everything. Unfortunately for him, however, he doesn't quite realize what's going on just yet as he believes Kazuho is the one causing this devastation of her own free will.

As this final arc essentially pits The Crawler against Pop Step for one final encounter, there are bound to be all kinds of new revelations and emotional moments before it all comes to an end. But what do you think? How are you enjoying My Hero Academia: Vigilantes' final arc so far? What do you think of the evil new Pop Step fusion and the havoc she's wreaking already? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!