This Naruto Clip Imagines Jiraiya's Emotional Homecoming in Boruto

One of the biggest deaths that happened in the Naruto anime franchise was easily the loss of Jiraiya, the mentor to the Seventh Hokage who was killed by his own former pupil in pain during the events of Naruto: Shippuden, and one fan has imagined what a homecoming to Konoha might look like if the "Pervy Sage" was brought back to life! While we've seen a number of characters be brought back to life, Naruto's former mentor has remained deceased, not even brought back to any forbidden jutsu as so many other characters were during the Fourth Ninja World War!

Recently, in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' anime, Jiraiya did return thanks in part to a story arc that involved time travel, in which both the son of Naruto and the adult Sasuke Uchiha were able to travel to the Hidden Leaf Village's past and meet the "Pervy Sage" themselves. While Jiraiya remained in the past and his death has been set in stone throughout the current sequel series, ninja don't always remain dead in Kishimoto's sprawling Shonen epic, as has been proved time and time again throughout the franchise thanks in part to dark ninja techniques employed by the likes of Orochimaru and the Akatsuki!

Twitter Artist Kakashi XY posted this heart wrenching scene that imagines Jiraiya being brought back to the land of the living, looking over Konoha as it has changed under the watchful eye of Naruto, as the "Pervy Sage" begins weeping at just how far his former student has come in achieving his dreams:

Jiraiya, unfortunately, might not be alone in the grave for long, as the current arc of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' manga is hinting at the idea that the Seventh Hokage might lose his life during his battle with the leader of the Kara Organization in Jigen. As Naruto has accessed a brand new transformation, said power boost comes with a serious draw back in that it may very well cost his life. Though the Seventh and Jigen are currently both around the same power level, a wrinkle has been added as a new player has entered into the fray, which might also spell doom for the Hidden Leaf in Kawaki.

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