Naruto Teases Himawari's Impressive Byakugan

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has done a worthwhile job of showing us the latest generation of ninja that have become the newest protagonists of the franchise, and the latest installment has focused on the daughter of the seventh Hokage, Himawari, and her impressive ability to use the ninja technique known as Byakugan. The bloodline jutsu of Byakugan was passed down from generation to generation, with it first appearing in the series via Himawari's mother Hinata and her now deceased uncle in Neiji. As a new task fell in front of Himawari, it is obvious that she will be strong in the "family business"!

Throughout the years of the sequel franchise of Boruto, the camera has been focused squarely on the son of Naruto, while the daughter has been able to show off in the background with a handful of episodes devoted to her. With the 154th episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Himawari was a part of a ninja team of other ten year olds to give them a taste of what the ninja world will be like, should they decide to join the ranks of the Hidden Leaf Village's decorated squadrons. During the mission, Himawari had some difficulty in working well with others but showed that she is truly her mother's daughter.

Himawari shocked audiences during the episode in demonstrating that she now has the ability to use the Byakugan at will, whereas in the past it was mostly used whenever she would feel intense anger, with the clip itself being shared via the Twitter User Boruto4Life:

While Himawari seems to have a more than decent control of her ninjutsu abilities, she still isn't 100 percent sure that she will chose the life that her family did as ninja. Considering the daughter of Naruto and Hinata is still only ten years old, she has at least a few years to decide exactly where she wants to go with her future career, but it's impressive to see her current level as it's far above that of Naruto's at the same age!


Boruto himself hasn't demonstrated the ability to use the Byakugan, though we'll have to wait and see what other ninjutsu abilities were inherited from both son and daughter as the anime continues.

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