Boruto Reveals How Similar Naruto and Himawari Are

The latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime wasn't focused on either Boruto or Naruto - instead, Himawari Uzumaki got to take center stage. The episode, "Himawari's Ninja Trial Session", sees Naruto's daughter take part in a trail session for her possible studies at the Ninja Academy. In the new era of peace, Himawari's path doesn't necessarily require her to pick up a sword and shuriken, so even though people expect Naruto's daughter to become a shinobi, Himawari decides to test that destiny out for herself. In the process, we come to learn that Naruto's daughter may be more like him than his son is!

Warning - Boruto Episode 154 SPOILERS Follow!

Himawari's Ninja Trial Session sees her partnered with two more candidates, Yuina Itomaki and Ehou Norimaki. Yuina is a meek soul trying to be a shinobi, while Ehou is an aggressively arrogant boy who has been training to be a shinobi all of his life. Ehou can't stand the fact that Himawari, the Hokage's daughter, is so ambivalent about shinobi life. Ehou's frustration with Himawari mounts as the training session goes on, to the point that during the final test (locating and rescuing a cat in the woods), splits the team, with Himawari eventually being banished by Ehou.

Boruto 154 Himawari Shinobi Ninja Training Episode Naruto Connecitons

However, it's in this darker moment that Himawari has to consider who she is, and what it means ot be a shinobi. Ultimately, Himawari refuses to give up, and goes to confront Ehou that they need to work together. Himawari has good timing, too: left on their own, Ehou and Yuina end up getting stuck down in a well with the cat they're supposed to rescue. Himawari doesn't even think twice about the danger: she hops right down the well, and lays into Ehou about how they need to work together, and how he can't use his flare to quit the mission, like he prevented her from doing earlier. The speech works, and Ehou is suddenly inspired to work with his teammates to form a three-person balance that allows them to scale the well together, and save the kitty.


At the end of the session, the instructor, Iruka, lets Himawari know something special: she's just as "gutsy" and bright in her personality (especially winning people over) as Naurto is. Indeed, "Himawari's Ninja Trial Session" is the first time that either the Boruto anime or manga has fully opened the door to the notion that Naruto's daughter may be a shinobi by the time of that Teenage Boruto flash-forward scene - and we may also already know what kind of team Himawari will have at her side, during her studies.

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