Naruto Confirms Boruto's Latest Power Upgrade

Naruto has confirmed Boruto's latest power upgrade, as the young shinobi continues to hurtle toward his apocalyptic destiny. The new Boruto manga chapter 68 is out, and it is dealing with the aftermath of Boruto, Naruto, and Kawaki's brutal showdown with the new villain Code – a fight that took a serious twist when Boruto was forced to unleash Momoshiki Otsutsuki's will, and ultimately had to kill himself to stop the monster. Naruto fans have been wondering what kind of changes Boruto's resurrection would come with – now we know: 

WARNING: Boruto Manga SPOILERS Follow! 

In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga Chapter 68, Boruto sits down for a debrief with Amado, the former head scientist of the Kara organization, as well as Hidden Leaf scientist Katasuke Tono. Boruto explains how he was resurrected from death by Momoshiki sacrificing the final 18% of his own resurrection "download" to fix Boruto's fatal injuries. The end result of that choice is revealed to be a good news/bad news situation: Because Momoshiki can never fully download into Boruto, he can never fully possess the boy's body as his vessel; however, since Momoshiki is still in a state of half-life inside of Boruto, he can still take over his consciousness at certain points.

Katasuke Tono points out that the Otsutsuki-suppression medicine Amado gave to Boruto could be used to control Momoshiki indefinitely – but it's an offer that Boruto refuses. By his own Testament, Boruto claims that "I don't need them anymore... I feel like something's changed from before." Boruto goes on to claim that "I have this feeling that I can channel his power better now." 


Boruto's power evolution is a key part of this series – a mystery that was set out right from the very first opening flash-forward sequence of teenage Boruto fighting Kawaki. The power sets that both boys displayed in that scene were clearly different from traditional shinobi jutsu, with the tribal markings on their bodies (now known to be Karma marks) physically denoting the new style.

With this initial Code Arc both Boruto and Kawaki have now seen their respective Karma powers evolve past the Otsutsuki villains once controlling their fates: now both boys have access to an entire history and stockpile of alien powers to discover and develop. What's interesting is that like his father before him, Boruto's power will come with a 'dark passenger' while his friend/rival Kawaki's power will not have that chain around it. How that affects each boy's use of that power is where this story could get very interesting... 

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