Netflix Reportedly Developing Diablo and Overwatch Anime Series

Netflix has got its hands full with anime nowadays. From original series to exclusive licenses, the streaming platform has become a force within the industry. These days, the service is wowing with its take on Castlevania, but the series isn't the only one Netflix is juggling. It turns out video game adaptations are becoming Netflix's thing as a new report suggests two more are in development.

As noted by Forbes, the new rumor comes directly from Activision Blizzard Studios. The LinkedIn page for the company's co-president Nick van Dyk raised eyebrows after a recent update. The exec, who was a producer on the Skylanders Academy series, mentions a Diablo anime series as well as an Overwatch cartoon.

According to his profile, the Diablo anime is in pre-production with Netflix. In the past, this series dug up by fans thanks to Andy Cosby. The writer posted on Twitter in a now-deleted post that he was in "final talks to write and show-run the new DIABLO animated series for Activision and Netflix."

Nothing ever came from the post, and Netflix has been quiet about such a project since. Now, it seems like Diablo will be joining Castlevania and Devil May Cry with an anime of its own. Plus, there's a good chance Overwatch will trail behind the three in time.

After all, Dyk's profile says he "developed and sold an animated series based on Blizzard's Overwatch franchise." The note doesn't say who the show was sold to but Netflix has become a safe bet for video game series. This sort of project would only expand upon Blizzard's current shorts, so fans are eager to hear more on this curious project.


While these reports are surprising to some, anime fans aren't so shocked by the news. Netflix has long invested in the medium, and its original series have been some of its best to date. Castlevania will debut its third season this year, and it is already working on an anime film for The Witcher. Netflix clearly has a theme going with its anime series, and video games aren't a bad direction to go. And if it can open up with Overwatch universe a bit more, well - fans certainly won't be complaining!

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