Nintendo Has Finally Acquired Its Own Anime Studio

It looks like Nintendo is ready to expand its horizons! Earlier today, the video game company announced it has acquired an anime studio of its very own. According to the reports, Nintendo is looking to expand its visual library with help from this new studio, and its artists have worked on some of anime's biggest titles in the last few years.

Nintendo has acquired Dynamo Pictures now and plans to rebrand the company as Nintendo Pictures moving forward. According to the reports, the deal was made in the hopes of developing visual content using Nintendo IPs. Nintendo Pictures will be tasked with "the planning and production of visual content including CG animation" for the foreseeable future.

Of course, that workload could be dedicated to gaming as Nintendo often includes cutscenes in its new games. However, this responsibility also leaves Nintendo Pictures open to full-blown anime projects. This includes films, OVA specials, and TV series if fans are lucky. And as Nintendo is currently exploring big-screen deals with IPs such as Mario, you can see why the company would be interested in overseeing its own anime projects in house.

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Of course, Nintendo Pictures – or rather Dynamo Pictures from back in the day – has experience working on high profile titles. From Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero to Yuri on Ice and even Earwig and the Witch, Dynamo Pictures has been a premium outsource studio for anime's top production companies as of late. Now, the team will get to take all of that experience and apply it to Nintendo titles. So if we could get a Kirby vs Perfect Cell short, well – I would not say no!

What do you think about this latest Nintendo acquisition? What sort of anime projects should the franchise take on first? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.