Exclusive Interviews: Chainsaw Man, Jujutsu Kaisen, Trigun, and Spy x Family

If you feel like anime has never been bigger than it is today, it's because that is the truth. The industry is growing quickly in markets around the world, and that success comes in part from its top series. Shows like Jujutsu Kaisen are pushing anime into a new era, and future series like Chainsaw Man will only double the industry's exposure. And recently, ComicBook was able to speak with the creators behind several of anime's biggest IPs. 

Want to know more about Jujutsu Kaisen? We got the chance to speak with the executives at MAPPA Studio about the hit series as well as the company's next big title. Chainsaw Man is on the horizon, and we dug up some new information about the series after chatting with the team.

Of course, ComicBook also got the chance to geek out with the Spy x Family team at Anime Expo as several producers from Wit Studios took the time to chat with us. A couple of the show's English dub stars also popped in to discuss their characters and pinpoint the best thing about Anya Forger.

And for those who love a good throwback, we've got you covered! Trigun Stampede is in the works at Orange, and the studio spoke with ComicBook about the ambitious reboot along with the series creator Yasuhiro Nightow himself. So if you want a complete list of our exclusive interviews from Anime Expo this summer, you can find them below: