One Piece Animates Special Oneshot All About Ryuma

Eiichiro Oda has long been working on the journey of Luffy to become the king of the pirates in the world of the Grand Line, and it was revealed that a one-shot created by the prolific mangaka titled "Monsters", which was originally thought to be an independent, original story but was revealed to be a side story in One Piece's past. Now, fans who did not get the chance to read the tale of Ryuma can get the opportunity to watch an animated take on Monsters, which has been released via One Piece's Official Youtube Channel.

Ryuma earned the name of "Sword God" thanks to his life as an intense samurai, being resurrected during the Thriller Bark Arc and being pitted against the strength of Roronoa Zoro, the resident swordsman of Luffy's crew. Monsters takes place during a time where Ryuma was alive, wherein dragons and other general monsters were causing quite the commotion in the world of One Piece. Monsters was originally released as a one-shot manga in 1994 but it was only revealed later on that this story actually took place in the world of the Grand Line versus being an independent story that Oda had created.

Jump Comics Channel released the two Youtube Videos that give fans an animated comic that adapts the story of Monsters, telling the story of Ryuma long before the Straw Hat Pirates were formed under the goal of making Luffy the king of the pirates and running into countless enemies while sailing the Grand Line:

Oda himself has gone on record that the beloved Shonen franchise he created decades ago will end within the next five years, so it will be interesting to see if Ryuma can return as a zombie once again, though it seems as if he might not have the opportunity during the Wano Arc. With the latest chapter of One Piece's manga giving us a look at a samurai who bears a striking resemblance to Zoro, it's clear that the Shonen series will be diving more into the world of the samurai before the War for Wano comes to a close. 


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