One Piece Introduces Robin's Demonic Side

Nico Robin is one of the mainstays in One Piece, and her powers are some of its most complex. From her genius IQ to her hard-fought freedom, the Straw Hat isn't a lady to mess with. And after being known as a Demon Child for years, well - Robin is living up to the name.

The whole thing was made clear when One Piece put forward its latest chapter. As fans were promised, Robin carried on her battle with Black Maria, and the spider queen was brutal from the start. But if she thought her horrifying form would ward away Robin, she had another thing coming.

By the chapter's end, the Straw Hat made her big stand against Black Maria, and Kaido's lady was nothing short of shocked. After spending way too much time antagonizing Robin, the One Piece vixen was gobsmacked when her opponent turned into a literal demon.

The form, which is known as Demonio Fleur, gives Robin a makeover suited for Devilman. The demonic look turns Robin into a massive monster, and the heroine says this power will only be used to protect those she loves the most. "I can be a demon if I have to. I'll do it for the people who truly need me, for the people who are counting on me!!"

This epic transformation is one of the wildest even seen in One Piece, and Robin is deserving of the power. She has been through so much in her life, and Demonio Fleur shows how versatile the Hana Hana no Mi can be with some creativity. So if anyone else wants to prod Robin over the edge, well - consider this form a warning!


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