One Piece Is Breaking Hearts with a Father's Emotional Death

There are some episodes of One Piece fans don't like to bring up. These taboo episodes aren't bad but instead too heart-breaking to mention. While Luffy's story is mostly upbeat and action-packed, he has run into some truly upsetting ordeals that have ended in death and ruin. Fans were reminded of that this past weekend when One Piece put out a new episode. And if you did not know, it saw one of Wano's best dads die in the worst way possible.

So you have been warned! There are big spoilers below for episode 940:

The big episode went live this weekend after much hype from fans. However, fans weren't so much excited about the release as fearful. Manga readers already knew what was coming, but the anime's tone clued audiences in on the upcoming death. After being capture by Orochi, fans watched as Yasuie prepared for his execution, and the anime did go through with the threat.

one piece anime
(Photo: Toei Animation)

The heart-wrenching death begins after Orochi rushes into the capitol with his men ahead of him. The shogun orders the firing squad to shoot Yasuie, and they do so without hesitation. Residents are shown looking on with fascinated horror as Yasuie is littered with bullets, but his graphic death is interrupted by the arrival of Otoko.

Yasuie's daughter is able to make it to the capitol in time to witness her dad dying at Orochi's hand. She is helpless to stop anything as her father is hit by dozens of bullets. In his final moments, Yasuie apologizes to Otoko for leaving her alone, but the girl isn't privy to the message. She can hear little but her screams as she rushes forward with a sick permanent smile on her face.


This death hits hard as it is rare for One Piece to execute mentors such as Yasuie. His relationship with Zoro and Otoko made him a beloved character to so many. But in order to show Orochi's ruthless side, the series had little choice but to kill the Oden loyalist and further set up the rebel's revolt.

What did you make of the anime's emotional death? Did you think One Piece would go through with it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.