One Piece Spoils a Major Return in New Opening

One Piece knows how to get fans hyped, and the key to priming that kind of excitement is a solid opening. Over the years, the anime has put out some serious bangers, and that trend continued with One Piece's new reel. The show shared its 23rd opening this past weekend, and it gives fans a heads up about a certain pirate who has been missing-in-action as of late.

So you have been warned! There are spoilers below for One Piece's latter portion of the Wano arc. This is your last chance to sail away...!

For those who have seen the opening and binged it time and again, you may have the reel memorized by now. One Piece kicks off this new opening with a bang as all of the Straw Hats come into view. It doesn't take long before a collage comes in highlighting characters like Momonosuke, Kozuki Oden, and even the Oden Vassals. And before you know it, fans are faced with Jinbe as the mighty warrior shows up out of nowhere.

one piece jinbe
(Photo: Toei Animation)

The short clip shows Jinbe looking fine as ever as he manipulates water to his command. His appearance in the new opening is brief, but it gets the job done. Fans know enough about anime openings to spot a spoiler when they see one, and that is because most openings tend to preview upcoming elements in an arc. It's just that no one expected this epic opening to be so forward about its spoilers.


Thankfully, anime-only fans do not know how Jinbe makes a comeback, but manga readers were given an explanation awhile back. As the Straw Hats prepare to travel to Kaido's headquarters in Wano, they come across the resistance in the water. It is Jinbe who opens up a path for them, and he helps usher in the final batter for Wano's freedom. His return to the Straw Hats is a big deal, and this new opening has only made readers even more hyped for his on-screen comeback.

Did you expect Jinbe to return to One Piece so easily? Or did you think the former warlord was toast because of Big Mom and her crew? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!