Watch: One Piece Reunites Zoro and Sanji After 6 Years Apart

One Piece tries to keep the Straw Hat crew moving like a well-oiled machine but things do breakdown. There are a few members of the team who like to cause drama, but two of the worst troublemakers have been separated for years now. Well, that is until the latest episode of One Piece went live.

After all, Zoro and Sanji are back together, and fans aren't sure how to handle the big moment. It has been six (yes, six) years since the anime put the comrades on screen together. And as you can see above, the moment was plenty tense.

The ordeal happened in the most recent episode of One Piece, and the circumstances of the pair reuniting aren't all that great. In the wake of Yasu's death, many are mourning the loss, but Orochi could not care about them. He has his eyes on the dead man's daughter since she will not leave his side. Orochi decides he will just kill the girl to make things easy, but his bullets never get close to her.

one piece zoro sanji

It is thanks to Zoro and Sanji that the girl's life is spared. The clip above shows a giant cloud of dust kick up around her after Orochi fires his gun. The onlookers are shocked by the sudden move, and they stain to see what caused the cloud. As the debris clears up, fans can see the outline of Zoro and Sanji surrounding the girl, and they look very angry... as you might expect.


The reunion has been a long one coming, and One Piece fans are eager to see where the two go from here. They will have little time to swap insults as Orochi is still heading for them, but they will get the chance. The anime hasn't let the pair spar since 2014, so we are well overdue for the rivals to share blows.

Did this cliffhanger reunion live up to your expectations? Or are you waiting for the next episode of One Piece to give your review? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.