One Piece Art Imagines Lewis Tan As Live Action Zoro

One Piece is getting ready to hit the world of live action with a television series produced by the streaming service of Netflix, and while rumors have been swirling around about which actors will be bringing the Straw Hat Pirates to life, one fan has decided to imagine what action star Lewis Tan might look like the role! Zoro, as fans of the swashbuckling series know, is the swordsman for Luffy's crew, wielding so many swords that he has to sometimes brandish one in his teeth and definitely strikes a scene whenever he jumps into battle!

Zoro has played a massive role in the recent story line of One Piece, the Wano Country Arc, appearing in the isolated nation following his brutal training during the time lapse. Having gained new strength, Roronoa once again joins his friends after years of being apart, being hinted to be the one man who might be able to actually bring down the leader of the Beast Pirates in Kaido. While there are still a ton of untold details about the upcoming live action adaptation for One Piece, fans are massively hyped to see how the world of the Grand Line will be brought to life for the first time via this new production.

Lewis Tan himself shared the amazing art work that imagines him in the role of Zoro from One Piece, put together by Twitter Artist The Rush Artwork, imaging what the actor might look like sporting green hair and a bundle of swords at his side as he attempts to assist Luffy in becoming the next king of the pirates:

Netflix made a big splash earlier this summer when it released the first sagas of One Piece's anime onto their streaming platform, giving fans an opportunity to dive into the world of the Straw Hat Pirates once again, or experience the creation of Eiichiro Oda for the first time. With nearly one thousand episodes of the anime to date, Netflix has some catching up to do with bringing all the episodes to their streaming service, but has definitely hit the right track.

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