One Piece Reveals the True Goal of Kaido's Alliance with Big Mom

One of the biggest surprises heading into One Piece's Wano Country arc was that Kaido and Big Mom [...]

One of the biggest surprises heading into One Piece's Wano Country arc was that Kaido and Big Mom were forming a major alliance, and now the newest chapter of the manga revealed the surprising true goal of their team up. Heading into the newest chapter of the manga, Kaido had been teasing that he had an important announcement to make concerning the future of the Wano region. The most recent tease was undoubtedly the most detailed as he named this announcement, the "New Onigashima Project" and revealed that the alliance with Big Mom was necessary for this.

One Piece Chapter 985 has Kaido completely detail this New Onigashima Project plan, and not only did it surprise fans with his plans for Wano itself but revealed that the true goal of his alliance with Big Mom is so that the both of them can team up to claim the One Piece. That's right, they're out to claim the main treasure of the franchise!

As part of Kaido's announcement, he posits that the Navy disbanded the Seven Warlords because they now have a more powerful force capable of taking on the Emperors. Thus he has formed this alliance with the Big Mom Pirates to make a single unit strong enough to take hold of the ancient super weapons fans have been hearing about for a long time but have yet to see in action. With these weapons, the two of them will plunge the world into a huge new war on their way to claim the One Piece.

One Piece Big Mom Kaido Alliance True Goal Explained
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They plan to expand the more weapons factories throughout Wano by using the last of the citizens still not working, and thus they will turn it into a pirate paradise that won't be easily reached by the Navy due to Wano's rough outer seas. This is the full extent of the "New Onigashima Project" and now we're closer to the end of the series than ever as Kaido and Big Mom have made the first big move towards the ultimate end goal.

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