One Piece Cosplay Makes Boa Hancock Shine

Boa Hancock might not be a Straw Hat Pirate but she is looking to marry into the family thanks to her love surrounding the Straw Hat Captain Monkey D. Luffy. While Boa didn't have a major role in One Piece's Wano Arc, the Final Arc brought her back with a vengeance while unfortunately placing her in Blackbeard's path at the same time. Now, one cosplayer has brought the powerful swashbuckler to life using spot-on Cosplay for the popular Shonen femme fatale.  

While Boa didn't have much of a role to play during the War For Wano Arc, which changed the future of the isolated nation forever thanks to the clash between the Straw Hats and the Beast Pirates. However, Boa has played a big role recently during the Final Arc, coming into contact with Blackbeard and being captured as a result as the terrifying villain hasn't fallen in love with Hancock and thus was free from her power that could turn men and women into stone. Luffy has yet to reciprocate Boa's feelings and has no desire, from what has been shown, to start a loving relationship with her, but things could change before One Piece finally comes to an end.

Instagram Cosplayer Shermie_Cos shared this new take on Boa Hancock, who made a surprising return to One Piece's manga as the Final Arc of the series continues to tell its tale from the mind of mangaka Eiichiro Oda, with the artist working on the Shonen franchise for over two decades at present:

Aside from the meeting between Boa and Blackbeard, the latest chapters have seen the Straw Hat Pirates coming into contact with Dr. Vegapunk, the military scientist who perhaps knows more about Devil Fruits than any other person in the anime world. With Cipher Pol gunning for Vegapunk, it would seem that the Straw Hat Pirates will be caught in the middle as the last chapters are setting the stage for what might be the biggest battle Luffy and his allies have faced to date. 

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