One Piece Cosplay Sails The Seas With Jinbei

Jinbei is one of the most recent additions to the Straw Hat Pirates in the popular anime series of [...]

Jinbei is one of the most recent additions to the Straw Hat Pirates in the popular anime series of One Piece, with the half shark, half man helmsman that has followed on the journey of Monkey D. Luffy to become the king of the pirates and this cosplay adds a brand new twist to the stalwart swashbuckler. Jinbei's appearance goes a long way in showing just how dynamic the character designs of Eiichiro Oda can be, with no other character in anime looking like this distinct blue pirate that has added a much needed element into the Straw Hats!

Recently, in the Wano Country Arc of the manga for One Piece, Jinbei has added a much needed personality to the Straw Hat Pirates looking to free the isolated nation. In the latest chapters of the manga, Luffy and his cohorts had to be reminded that their personalities aren't exactly the perfect fit when it comes to missions involving going undercover and quiet sabotage. With Jinbei promising to leverage his calm personality to their goals, it unfortunately wasn't enough to assist them in accomplishing their mission unabated, as Luffy's hot temper and loud attitude made it so that their cover was blown!

Instagram Cosplayer Michelle_Maka shared this amazing cosplay that brings Jinbei to life, captuing the aesthetic and designs of the character that has become an essential part of the pirate gang that is easily becoming one of the most notorious in the world of the Grand Line:

The Wano Arc has easily been one of the most beloved story lines of One Piece to date, even with the story not yet having reached its conclusion, and with so many pirates making appearances, Jinbei still found a way to let his personality shine through, even his ultimate goal was unsuccessful!

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