One Piece: Another Executive Knows How the Series Will End

Throughout the Straw Hat Pirates' history, One Piece fans have been debating what the treasure is that helps crown the king of the pirates. The One Piece Treasure has yet to be revealed for over two decades, though the Wano Arc took the opportunity to hint at the mysteries surrounding it by showing Gol D. Roger in his prime, laughing as he uncovered just what the treasure was. While Eiichiro Oda has known what the treasure was since the very start of the Shonen series, it seems that he spilled the beans more than once.

The Final Arc has begun in One Piece's pages, seeing the Straw Hats leaving Wano Country after a long, hard-fought battle against Kaido and his Beast Pirates. As they run into Dr. Vegapunk and experience some strange twists and turns in the latest chapters, there haven't been many clues as to what the main treasure might be, though in the past, Oda's editors have revealed that they to know what lies in wait for the Straw Hats to discover. While fan speculation continues to run rampant, it might still be years until we learn what had Gol D. Roger throwing back his head and laughing.

What is The One Piece?

In a question and answer session with the director of the latest Shonen movie, One Piece: Red, Goro Taniguchi shockingly revealed that not only does he know what the treasure is, but he has known the secret for twenty-four years, showing how long and close his relationship with Oda has been:

The War For Wano Arc is heading toward its conclusion in the anime, with the battle between Luffy and Kaido already coming to an end in One Piece's manga. While Luffy's Gear Fifth has yet to hit the small screen, fans did get the briefest of glimpses of this new transformation in One Piece: Red, in which Monkey and Shanks teamed up to deliver a major blow against the film's big bad. Based on the animation we've seen in the Wano Arc so far, Luffy's Gear Fifth will make for some dazzling fight scenes when it arrives from Toei Animation.

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