One Piece Cliffhanger Drops a Void Century Bombshell

One Piece is moving along with its final act, and the manga is dropping bombshells regularly at this point. From returning faces to missing allies, Luffy has a lot on his plate right now. Luckily for him, he is too busy on a mission involving Dr. Vegapunk to care. But thanks to the manga's most recent chapter, the series just got a lot more complex courtesy of a long-lost kingdom.

The word comes straight from chapter 1065 as One Piece pushed ahead with Luffy's new adventure. He and Jewelry Bonney are exploring an island filled with Vegapunk cronies alongside Chopper, Jinbe, and Franky. It is there the group learns more about the scientists' technology, and it seems it all originates from a forgotten kingdom.

What Is This Place?

According to Vegapunk's first officer, the island's tech isn't a place of the future but of the past. "If I told you that Egghead wasn't the only one, that there was once a kingdom just as highly advanced as this that actually existed 900 years ago, would you believe me," he asks the crew. And of course, Luffy can hardly believe such a thing.

However, the idea is hardly farfetched. One Piece has played with time quite often since its debut, and there is plenty we don't know about its Void Century. That period of history is set at the same time this kingdom would have existed. So as you can see, something happened to destroy the high-tech society, and fans are thinking the World Government is involved.

After all, One Piece has talked about the Great Kingdom in the past. Back in chapter 395, this legend was referenced, and the kingdom was described as being a threat to the World Government. Its power and technology had no comparison, and when faced with destruction, records show the kingdom spread the Poneglyphs across the ocean to record its history. This is why the World Government wants to keep those records wiped and ensure the Void Century's truth is kept secret.

Now? Well, it seems one of the Government's own is tapping into the kingdom. Dr. Vegapunk appears to be using tech from the lost nation, and this explains why a hit has been put out on the scientist. And soon, it seems Luffy will learn more about what made the World Government so determined to maintain the Void Century's charade all this time.