One Piece Knocks Kaido a Peg with Some Serious Wounds

When it comes to Kaido, the horrific captain is one of the strongest pirates sailing the seas. His dominion over Wano has been untouched for decades, and One Piece fans have been eager to see his part in the ongoing war over the nation. After all, Luffy and the rebels are ready to retake Wano from the villain, but Kaido is no easy foe to defeat. But thanks to an update, fans were shown the man does bleed like the rest of us.

The revelation came in the most recent chapter of One Piece. The long-awaited update followed the Nine Red Scabbards as they made their rush against Kaido in battle. After defeating hordes of his minions, Kaido felt it was time he began to battle, and Kozuki Oden's retainers did not disappoint.

One Piece Kaido Big Monsters
(Photo: Viz Media )

After all, it has been said that few can pierce the hide of Kaido. He is nearly invulnerable when in his human or dragon form. Of course, this makes it difficult to wound the baddie, but each of the Nine Scabbards managed to carve into Kaido.

Nekomamushi is able to strike a devastating blow against Kaido while transformed, and Kawamatsu follows up with a blow of his own. Everyone on the field is stunned to see Kaido taking damage, and the trend continues as Inuarashi and Raizo begin to attack. Even Izo is seen landing blows with his gun, and the chapter ends with a group attack that slices a star through Kaido's chest.

As for how the group is doing this, One Piece fans aren't sure. Oden was the only person capable of injuring Kaido before this battle, so fans are certain the group has inherited a power from the dead man which we've not been told about. And if their theories are right, the group may be causing so much damage thanks to a mix of Ryou and Oden's famous style of swordsmanship.


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