Report: Next ’One Piece' Update Teases Big Mom's [SPOILER]

Warning! Potential spoilers for One Piece's 889th chapter lie below!

One Piece is still working its way through its 'Whole Cake Island' arc, and its latest chapters kicked things up a notch. Sanji finished his cake for Big Mom, Luffy met back up with Katakuri, and Carrot took on a beastly transformation. Now, reports have spread about One Piece's next chapter, and they have lots to say about Big Mom.

Over on Reddit, fans began sharing reported leaks from Weekly Shonen Jump's upcoming chapter. Netizens translated the spoilers and shared them online. And, if they are correct, then Big Mom is about to undergo a transformation.

"It's been 8 hours since Big Mom's outburst and something abnormal has happened to her body," one user wrote. "Big Mom gets thinner little by little."

Of course, fans of One Piece will realize the description of Big Mom is a surprising one. After all, they do not call Big Mom big for no reason. The obese pirate is better known for eating sugar than slimming down, but many fans have suspected Big Mom's bulk is actually a source of power.


Much like Luffy, Big Mom's build could be used as an energy source for one epic transformation. The captain of the Straw Hat crew has to consume lots of food to tap into his higher Gear states, and Big Mom may be the same. If she expels too much energy over a period of time, her fat may be converted to re-charge her. So, if you have been interested in seeing Big Mom become Little Mom, you may get your chance sooner rather than later.

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