One Piece Draft Reveals Original Design for Yamato

Yamato has gone on an interesting journey over the course of One Piece's Wano Arc, breaking free of the influence of their father, Kaido, and joining Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates on their quest to make their captain the King of the Pirates. With the final arc of One Piece set to arrive later this year, the Shonen's manga has gone on hiatus but in the meantime, Oda has been releasing a number of sketches that show the original designs of some major elements and characters of the Wano Arc.  

Yamato wasn't just one of the biggest new characters introduced during the Wano Country Arc, but Kaido's offspring has become the latest addition to Luffy and his crew as the newest Straw Hat Pirate. Considering the strength that Yamato has shown over the course of this latest arc, the Straw Hats definitely have a major ace up their sleeve as they move into the final arc of One Piece. While Oda's original designs are quite different from the Yamato that we've come to know today, Eiichiro definitely had a vision in mind for the child of Kaido.

Twitter User New World Artur shared the sketches from One Piece: Road To Laugh Tale, in which Eiichiro Oda was able to show the attempts that he made to bring Yamato to life and how his designs have changed since Yamato fought against Kaido and joined the ranks of the Straw Hat Pirates:

While Yamato has been one of the biggest new characters introduced in the latest arc of One Piece, the denizen of Wano Country hasn't been confirmed to appear in the upcoming film of the Shonen franchise, One Piece: Red. The timeline for the film, which is set to bring back Red-Haired Shanks while also introducing his daughter Uta, is still anyone's guess when it comes to the conclusion of the War For Wano. With Yamato not being confirmed to appear in the upcoming movie, we also have yet to get confirmation if the next film of the series will also feature Luffy's Gear Fifth transformation.

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