One Piece Shares Yamato's New Future Goal

One Piece has spent a long time in Wano, and at this point, the country has become a favorite with fans. In fact, the saga is now one of the manga's greatest to date, and it went so far as to introduce main players like Yamato. Of course, the Wano saga is coming to a close now, so it is only natural to wonder where its stars will go next. And to no one's surprise, Yamato had already decided what their next steps are going to be.

As it turns out, Yamato plans to tag along with the Straw Hat crew. She went ahead and introduced herself to the team, and of course, Yamato makes sure to tell the gang they still go by Kozuki Oden.

"No, no, no!! I'm not your enemy," Yamato tells the Straw Hat members who are still conscious once the War for Wano ends. "I'm going to be joining you on your ship!! I'm Kozuki Oden. Otherwise known as Yamato! Nice to meet you!!"

As you can imagine, Usopp and Nami are surprised by Yamato's choice though Franky is a bit hesitant. Jinbe feels similarly given who Yamato's dad is, but as fans know, the fighter has disavowed the Beasts Pirates captain. As for Sanji and Brook, they are all too happy to welcome Yamato to their gang. But of course, Luffy will have the final say.

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Fans don't expect Luffy to have any issue with Yamato joining the crew. After all, One Piece is trying to repeat history. Yamato has admired Oden their whole life, and the Wano leader once left the country to travel the world with Gold Roger. Now, Luffy will take Yamato on the same journey to bring Oden's legacy full circle. And of course, Luffy can't help but follow after Roger in this instance if he wants to become King of the Pirates!

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