One-Punch Man Artist Imagines New Garou Battle in Latest Sketch

One-Punch Man arrived on the scene as one of the most energetic, popular anime series on the block [...]

One-Punch Man arrived on the scene as one of the most energetic, popular anime series on the block with its hard hitting action, and an artist on the series has given a new interpretation of one of the biggest villains introduced in the anime's second season, Garou. Garou hit the scene as a villain that was attempting to establish himself as a "hero killer", believing that monsters were the prominent race in the world. With his power at levels unseen by many heroes, the martial arts master definitely left an impression at the heroes that fought alongside Saitama time and time again.

Garou was originally taught to be a martial artist by the high ranking hero, Bang, who comes directly into contact with the villain toward the end of the second season of the anime of One-Punch Man. Though Garou holds his own, and eventually defeats, a number of high ranking heroes thanks to his powerful skills, the combined forces of Bang and Bomb are simply too powerful for the villain to overcome and he is saved thanks in part to the interjection of a member of the Monster Association. With his quest to become a monster himself, Garou seemingly will continue his quest to become one of the biggest villains in the world of Saitama and company.

One-Punch Man Artist Nebu Kuro shared this amazing sketch of Garou unleashing a torrent of blows against one of the physically largest super heroes on the block, showing just how powerful this villain introduced in the anime's second season can be when he unleashes his full potential:

A third season for One-Punch Man has yet to be confirmed, though we certainly hope that we are able to see the continuing adventures of Garou and his attempts at becoming one of the biggest monsters in the world. With his hair turning blood red and his eyes following suit, Garou seems like he will most likely become a part of the Monster Association and help the underground organization in their conquest to rule the world.

Though Garou has come into contact with Saitama the One-Punch Man himself, the antagonistic martial artist has been easily struck down time and time again.

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