One-Punch Man Illustrator Reacts to Series' Hollywood Plans

Much of the hype surrounding One-Punch Man is thanks to Yusuke Murata, and the manga artist is redirecting that excitement to thee series' Hollywood plans nowadays. Over on Twitter, the manga artist hit up fans with a post at last reacting to the big news about Saitama; One-Punch Man has been optioned for a live-action Hollywood flick! Murata decided it was time to comment on the revelation, and the artist says the web-comic's founder is to thank for Saitama and his genius.

"Thank you to everyone who has supported me," Murata shared with fans. "Thank you very much! Thanks! As a fan of One-Punch Man, I'm really looking forward to [the movie]."

Continuing, Murata spoke directly to ONE who made One-Punch Man into a web-comic all those years ago. It was there the artist said it seems like a dream to see Saitama head to Hollywood and from such humble beginnings at that.

After all, One-Punch Man is the definition of an underdog. The series was published by ONE in Japan years ago as a free web-comic. The crudely drawn series became a favorite with fans who adored its absurd premise and dry humor. Murata was one such fan who worked with ONE to turn the web-comic into a manga. The best-selling manga spurred the creation of One-Punch Man season one, and the iconic outing turned Saitama into an overnight sensation. Now, it seems like Sony Pictures is ready to dive into the comic's lore, and fans are intrigued to see how the adaptation will be handled.


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