One-Punch Man Co-Artists Shed Light on How They Split Their Duties

One-Punch Man has been one of the hardest hitting, most energetic anime franchises that is running today, and while the anime is on hiatus with a third season yet to be confirmed, the manga continues moving forward to this day and recently, both the creator named ONE and the artist Yusuke Murata chatted about how they split the duties in creating each chapter of Saitama and company. The manga is currently following Saitama and the other super heroes of the world battling against the Monster Association, giving the artists some dynamic characters to bring to life on the page!

Both ONE and Yusuke Murata have been working on the One-Punch Man series since it's inception, walking us through the action packed, albeit sometimes hilarious, adventures of Saitama as he looks for an opponent who will be able to present a challenge to him. The art that was featured in the manga, as well as that which was featured in the anime, has really elevated the series among anime lovers as Saitama's battles, while extremely one sided, are simply gorgeous to look at. In fact, a recent panel from One-Punch Man's manga went viral that depicted a gorgeous alien spaceship in which it was clear that there was an insane amount of detail used to bring this extraterrestrial threat to life!

Both ONE and Yusuke Murata took to social media to praise one another's work on the manga, with Murata informing ONE that recent revisions were needed to create the best product possible, and ONE subsequently giving his fellow artist ideas for dialogue and costumes worn during specific ridiculous scenarios:


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