One-Punch Man Goes Viral for Its Most Stunning Manga Artwork Yet

One-Punch Man has become one of the biggest anime franchises by following a character named Saitama who has grown so powerful that he can destroy opponents with a single blow, and an older panel from the series' manga has gone viral thanks to the sheer detail that the creator ONE and Yusuke Murata put into bringing a certain spaceship to life. The final battle of the anime's first season saw the "hero for fun" taking on an extraterrestrial threat that was perhaps closer than any other villain to actually giving Saitama a challenge and this impressive panel shows just how massive the threat was!

The first season of the One-Punch Man anime, given to us by the animation studio Madhouse, introduced us to the world of Saitama and the other super heroes of his world, with the insanely strong hero managing to become as strong as he is thanks to a ridiculously easy exercise regiment. In the finale of the first arc, Saitama faced off against a band of alien intruders led by the powerful Lord Boros. With all the heroes combining their forces to stop the waves of aliens from decimating the world, it came down to the "hero for fun" to take out the top extraterrestrial.

Twitter User SS6Xin shared the impressive manga panel from One-Punch Man that showed Saitama baring witness to the arrival of Lord Boros and the rest of his alien army via their incredibly detailed space ship that descended upon the world, looking to conquer the planet and eradicate humanity in one fell swoop:

The second season of the anime wasn't as well received as the first, with many fans believing that JC Staff wasn't able to live up to the insane levels of animation that was originally produced by Madhouse. Though there were certainly some amazing scenes depicted in season two such as Garou fighting off a number of heroes at one time, fans are crossing their fingers that an eventual third season will not only happen, but will also be able to relive the animation of the first outings of Saitama in a world crawling with monsters, aliens, and super villains!

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