One-Punch Man Creator Hypes Season 3 with Handmade Poster

One-Punch Man has kept its cards secret since season two ended, but all of that will change soon enough thanks to the anime's executives. Last week, reports confirmed One-Punch Man was working on season three to the delight of fans. Of course, few were more excited than the series' creator, and ONE is now hyping the comeback with a special poster.

As you can see below, ONE took to Twitter just recently to share their excitement for One-Punch Man season three. The webcomic creator decided to ink their own artwork in honor of Saitama's return, and the sketch is pretty darn adorable.

The black-and-white piece is simple enough as it shows Saitama in costume bursting through a wall. A flood of debris is shown raining over the bald superhero, but Saitama hardly minds. He is too busy waving three fingers around in honor of the new season's order. And if we had to guess, Genos is just behind Saitama in this debris field with a furrow on their brow.

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Of course, Saitama's excitement here is pretty universal right now. One-Punch Man fans have been waiting years for an update on season three, so their patience has been rewarded. At this time, very little is known about the anime's comeback including its studio or executives. We do know character designer Chikashi Kubota did return to ink the official visual for season three, but that is all fans have at the moment. So if you want to get caught up on One-Punch Man ahead of season three, you might want to find a time to marathon seasons one and two ASAP.

Want to know more about One-Punch Man? You can check out the series' official synopsis here for all the details: "Nothing about Saitama passes the eyeball test when it comes to superheroes, from his lifeless expression to his bald head to his unimpressive physique. However, this average-looking guy has a not-so-average problem-he just can't seem to find an opponent strong enough to take on! Every time a promising villain appears, Saitama beats the snot out of 'em with one punch! Can he finally find an opponent who can go toe-to-toe with him and give his life some meaning? Or is he doomed to a life of superpowered boredom?"

What do you think of this latest One-Punch Man post? Are you looking forward to season three? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.