New Pokemon Anime Will Feature Two Main Protagonists

Pokemon has had a real busy month in more ways than you might realize. While video gamers have been salivating over the franchise's new Pokemon Sword and Shield reveals, the anime has been doing its own big thing. After all, Ash Ketchum won his first League earlier this month, and Pokemon told fans it would drop details on its next series soon enough. Now, it seems that information has gone live, and Pokemon plans to do something very different with its new series.

Today, the very first trailer for Pokemon: The Series went live, and fans were eager to see what the show would have in store. A few weeks back, fans were first told the anime was coming next year, but the trailer says November will mark its actual debut. The premiere will welcome back protagonist Ash Ketchum, but he will be joined by another boy who will be a true co-lead.

According to the trailer, Ash will be traveling the world to complete his dream of becoming a Pokemon Master. However, he will either be joined or interact often with a boy named Gou. The newbie is a young boy with dark skin and blue eyes. With his dark short hair pulled back into red clips, the accessories match Gou's grey-and-red outfit. The new character will partner with Scorbunny much like how Ash is with Pikachu, and Gou has a specific dream in mind.

pokemon anime new leads
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

It turns out the new lead is looking to capture all of the Pokemon including the mythical Mew. This dream will also require Gou to travel around all the regions, but it seems Galar is his home. There is no word on how the new anime will split its time between these two stars or whether they will travel together. So far, it sounds like each of these characters will be a protagonist in their own right rather than assigning Gou to a sidekick position, but The Pokemon Company has not confirmed the scope of his role. However there is one thing fans know for sure, and it is that they're excited to see how this duo comes together in Pokemon: The Series.

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