Pokemon Trailer Teases Ash's Big Galar Travels

The current season of Pokemon has shown Ash and his friend Go travelling across the world to bolster the strength of their pocket monster rosters, and the latest trailer for the upcoming episodes of the latest arc show that they'll be encountering some familiar faces from the Galar Region. With the adventures of Ash Ketchum taking him to the familiar setting established in Pokemon: Sword And Shield, it looks as if plenty of elements from Galar will come in to play as our eternally young protagonist continues his victory lap following his win in the Alola League Tournament!

While the current travels for Ash and Go have taken them to a number of different regions, the biggest land that they've visited is also the newest one with the Galar Region introducing a number of new challenges to the two trainers. Aside from encountering new Pokemon, and variations of classic pocket monsters with a "Galar twist", our protagonists have come into contact with elements such as Dynamaxing, Wild Areas, and the top trainers of Galar that were all brought into view in the latest game of the franchise released on the Nintendo Switch. With the latest trailer for upcoming episodes of the season, it's clear that Galar is going to have an even bigger role to play!

Pokemon shared the new trailer for the upcoming episodes of the season that show off many new elements of the Galar Region being shown off, as well as some familiar faces from Pokemon: Sword And Shield that have yet to make their introduction into the anime officially:


The current champion of Galar, Leon, is being hinted as the big fight for Ash to enter later on in this season, with the main competitor of Pokemon: Sword And Shield wielding an insanely powerful Charizard and a number of pocket monsters that are trademarks of Galar! Though the main series has already taken time to explore this new land, the spin-off series of Pokemon: Twilight Wings has explored the region far more.

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